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Here we are!

Kayla Grazen

Because everyone is always interested to see the not-so-polished moments! Our Instagram may not always show the freezing mornings, accidentally bruised petals, delivery mishaps, and moments of confusion (there are many, many moments of confusion).Flowers in Wildroot cooler
We’re learning and growing as we approach week 10 of being open for business. Every single day here in Buffalo has been a learning experience for Wildroot. The small business community in this city is incredible.Family helping with flower delivery on Valentine's Day for Wildroot Floral It’s been rewarding and interesting to see what Buffalo is looking for in a floral boutique. Friends and family have helped in countless ways – both those here in New York and others who live elsewhere but have ideas and support to share. Wildroot Owner Kayla Grazen taking a phone call
We’re happy we’re here and look forward to the many, many days and learning lessons to come! 
Wildroot bouquet in carFor those looking to help out – we need you!! Black dog in Wildroot delivery vanOur biggest focus right now is visibility. So, tell your friends, share our posts, like, comment, REVIEW (if you’re a customer, of course!). Wildroot flower delivery van filled with colorful flowersIt’s incredibly appreciated and helps so very much in getting the word out.


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